Monday, January 1, 2007

Riley's First Christmas

Well, we survived our first Christmas together as a little family—and it was a fun one! And although Riley doesn't actually care yet about all the festivities, it was fun to pretend like she did. In fact, in a twist of irony, Matt and I felt like little kids Christmas morning, because we waited impatiently for her to wake up. (Usually she's up by 7:30-ish. That morning she slept past 9!) I suspect she'll be the one up early a few Christmases down the road.

Santa surprised Riley with a cool new highchair. So far she loves it, because she can join us at the dinner table and feel part of the action. These days she shows excitement by flapping her arms against her body, and she flaps like crazy whenever we bring her near that highchair!

She also spent the day playing with the doll and mirror from Grandma Richards and the puzzle and books from Grandma Dougall. It's fun to see how well she's learning to play with toys and books. Just last month she could hardly grab for things!

Other Christmas highlights:
  • We ate Cornish-game hens for Christmas Eve and leg of lamb on Christmas day
  • Riley loved playing with (and eating) wrapping paper
  • Matt spoiled me with an iPod shuffle and some cooking stuff
  • Matt didn't do a single bit of work for 48 hours. Wow—a record!

Enjoy the pictures. (And sorry they're a bit of a mess. I'm still trying to figure out how formatting works in this thing.) Check back soon for our New Year's update.

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