Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The "M" Word

Riley's learned the word "MINE."

But how?

I've gone great lengths to avoid saying that word. ("No Riley, that belongs to Mommy...")

She may have learned it at my gym's daycare. And I don't think that's all she's learned there.

Here's what I witnessed when I picked her up yesterday:

A 2 1/2 year old boy was minding his own business playing with a Thomas the Tank Engine train, when Riley spotted it and ran toward him yelling, "MINE! MINE!"

He ran away, so she cornered him, grabbing the trains from his hands. So he pushed her away. And she revolted by tackling him and attempting to bite his back. At this point, I intervened.

I was mortified. (But maybe a teeny tiny bit relieved she's not a total sissy like I probably was at her age.)

So. How do I un-teach tackling? And biting? And "MINE"? Anybody?

This sweet thing? Yessiree.


Meredith said...

Good luck! Let me know when you figure it out. I need to teach Hannah the no tackling part. She attacked our neighbor boy yesterday because he was playing with her toys... and she invited him over to play with her!

Chrissy said...

Way to go, Riley! Fight for what's yours.


Ashlyn was her age when she learned the "M" word. I bought her "Elmo in Grouchland" because, hey, it's Elmo. It HAS to be great, right? Wrong. It's about how a mean guy steals everything from everybody. He calls everything "MINE!". In the end, they all work it out and it's all good, but Ash didn't remember that part. She just remembered the part where he took everyone's stuff and said MINE. Super. :)

Jennifer said...

Edwin and I LOVE NEMO!!! The seagulls say "Mine" all the time and we taught Grace that the seagulls were naughty! We use any opportunity to reinstill good behavior. If someone in a book hits we send them to time out. Teeth are for biting food, not bodies. Repetition my dear friend....good luck. We are all struggling with good behavior, but it is certainly a meaningful struggle.