Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Riley Lexicon

The girl seems to learn a new word (or two) every day. But sometimes translation is necessary.

A few favorite examples:

meyer: water (also: river, rain, bath, drinking fountain, juice, puddle...)
nyuk: milk
kwak-kwak: quack (also: duck)
muuuuuy: more
elmo: Elmo (also: I'd rather wear a disposable diaper, OR let's go for a walk, OR please let me play on the Sesame Street web site, please please please! [Warning: take it from me, if you haven't shown your kid that site, don't start...])
op-koh: popcorn
appie: apple
ah-bub: lightbulb (also: turn the light on/off)
aaaaye: eye (also: sunglasses)
buh-ted: busted
teeeeee: teeth (also: toothbrush)
pete-ta: pizza (also: Pete [our neighbor's name])

Riley in meyer-boots.


Meredith said...

what a beautiful picture! i love hearing all about riley! she seems like such a smart little girl. i love the translations. hannah always spoke very clearly, right from the beginning. there was no mistaking what she was talking about. but i think ainsley will require translation. she is already starting to say words, but so far i am the only one who understands anything she says, other than dada. :)

Andrea said...

Call my crazy, but I think it strange that Riley even uses the word "busted" there some context for "busted" that I don't get? I demand an explanation...ha!

Kathryn said...

Context for busted:
Riley: [dumps a bottle of water all over the floor]
Me: Uh oh, Riley. You're busted
Riley: [nodding] Buh-ted

susannah said...

wow that picture is gorgeous! Love and miss little Riley.