Monday, April 28, 2008

So Close, Yet So Far Away

These days, Riley tries her darndest to dress herself. But here's what usually happens instead:

Yes, I'm slightly negligent grabbing my camera instead of immediately saving her. But hey, meanwhile she mastered waddling.


liss said...

Not that you are worried about it - but I don't think you need harbor any guilt about getting the camera. I know women who take many more pictures than you and their children are just fine.

Awesome photo - by the way.

a husband said...

Just read your post on and thought it was fantastic. You said a lot of great things there that we husbands would do well to understand.

I'm glad you've got a great marriage, and I'm glad you're using your experiences and wisdom to help others.

Chrissy said...

that's classic.

i've been guilty of grabbing the camera before i save my kid, too. it makes for a great scrapbook page. :)